Improve Productivity

For most businesses, productivity is subjective, so the use case is difficult to quantify. Metrics do exist for this, but they are not widely used outside the contact center. VoIP can make employees more productive in various ways.

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Two prime examples would be visual voicemail and ad hoc conferencing. VoIP provides email alerts with MP3 audio files for voice messages, making it easier for employees to manage missed calls from anywhere. With today's dispersed workforce, ad hoc audio conferencing enables collaboration in ways that TDM could never support.

The real-time nature of voice makes collaboration more efficient when compared with near-real-time applications such as email or chat. When businesses make productivity a cornerstone of becoming more competitive, this VoIP use case will become self-evident for management.

Think short anf long term. VoIP isn't the only way to boost employee productivity, nor is it the only reason to upgrade the network, but the use cases can be very strong. This largely depends on whether the decision to switch is driven by IT or management. The overall takeaway is VoIP can provide short-term and long-term strategic benefits for the organization.

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